North Bersted car crash survivor is on her feet

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Survivor Carol Freeth has thanked those who helped her after a serious crash.

Carol is back in her North Bersted home this week recovering from her many injuries.

“I’m just able to get about, though I tire easily,” she said. “I am so lucky to be alive. I look at the photograph of my wrecked car and I can’t believe I got out of it.

“I am grateful to the efforts of everyone who came to my aid. The firefighters and paramedics at the scene were absolutely fabulous.

“They talked me through everything and kept me calm, even though I wanted to scream at times.

“There was also a lady, I think she must have been among the passersby, who wrapped me in a foil blanket to keep me warm.

“I was awake the whole time and I can vividly remember being trapped and freed.”

Carol, 45, was driving home to The Croft from her job as a hotel cleaner when the accident happened. As reported in last week’s Observer, her 1995 Rover 214 was one of three cars involved in the collision on Lidsey Road at 3.51pm on October 30.

Her car was scrunched up into a mass of tangled metal beyond recognition. She was cocooned by her driving seat amid the wreckage.

The emergency services soon arrived and paramedics injected Carol with morphine before the fire crew got to work cutting their way through the remains of her car. They took out the windows and then the roof before the delicate operation began to lift her free. The rescue was completed within 40 minutes. She was taken to St Richard’s Hospital for A&E treatment.

Among her injuries are a broken collarbone, numerous broken ribs, a cracked left wrist, a bruised head and a suspected cracked kneecap which was being further examined by doctors this week.

She has also a host of smaller bumps and bruises all over her body.

She was discharged from hospital on October 31 and told to allow her broken bones to heal. This has meant giving up her lollipop lady role until she has fully recovered.