Night shelter opens for the first time

FREEZING weather has caused the night shelter in Bognor Regis to open for the first time this winter.

Glenlogie opened its doors to rough sleepers on Monday (January 14) as the temperature hovered around freezing.

The building on Clarence Road will definitely open tonight (Tuesday, January 15) and tomorrow (Wednesday, January 16) and is likely to be in operation again for the next night.

It is run by the Stonepillow charity for Arun District Council.

Stonepillow’s head of client services Stuart Gibbons said: “The number in Glenlogie was quite low on Monday but that is traditional for the first night.

“It takes a bit of time for word to spread. I would expect the number there to be around 20 on Tuesday night and the next nights.”

The shelter is opened according to guidelines set by the government. The weather must be forecast to be at freezing or below for three consecutive nights.

Stuart said: “This winter has been mild compared to last year. But Arun are flexible about when the shelter is opened.”

Those who take advantage of the warm food and bed on offer can also receive help from a substance misuse team, resettlement workers and housing officers.