Nick Herbert votes in favour of Syria action

A LOCAL MP voted in favour of action in Syria

Nick Herbert, the MP for Arundel and the South Downs, said it is the shadow of Iraq looming over current political proceedings concerning Syria which defeated the government’s motion.

The MP voted in favour of UK military action against the Syrian government to deter the use of chemical weapons.

Regardless of his vote, however, the motion was rejected by government in the House of Commons, by a 285-272 defeat.

Mr Herbert stands by his decision to intervene in the crisis, saying action was urgently needed.

“Ahead of the debate, I received a few emails urging me to vote against any form of military intervention,” he said.

“I read these with care, and I understand why people are concerned. A decade on, the invasion of Iraq casts a long shadow over this debate, prompting fears that Britain might become involved in another long and costly conflict.

“What saddens me is that in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity in Damascus, where there were some 3,600 casualties, including 355 fatalities, among them children, I received no correspondence at all.”

He argues the West appears to have ‘turned a blind eye’ to the human suffering in Syria, and is calling on people to re-think their priorities with regard to important news agendas.

The MP said attention should focus on the chemical weapons, and fears without a credible deterrent, there is every chance chemical weapons will be used again.

He said: “Our responsibility is to do what we can to prevent further atrocities. I do not believe the world can stand by any longer.”

Bognor Regis MP Nick Gibb voted against taking military action.