New waste plant at Ford will generate electricity

ENOUGH electricity to power 29,000 homes will be produced from a proposed waste treatment plant in Ford.

The facility at the Circular Technology Park on Ford Airfield Industrial Estate will enable the separation, recycling and recovery of materials.

Items which cannot be recycled will be placed in a newly-built residual waste treatment facility.

A statement by the proposed operator, Grundon Waste Management, says: “This is where the waste treatment operations, which will convert residual waste into energy in the form of electricity and heat, will take place.

“The facility will generate 14MW of electricity, of which 2MW will be used by the development itself.

“The site will, therefore, be a net exporter of 12MW of electricity to the national grid, enough to power approximately 29,000 homes.

“The development also provides the opportunity to supply combined heat and power to neighbouring land uses.”

Grundon has asked West Sussex County Council for planning permission for the new building of 8,400sq m and to use a building formerly occupied by Tarmac Topblock for the materials recovery work.

Covering 5.4 hectares, it has access roads to Rollaston Park and Ford Road on which a one way scheme for the deliveries from 54 lorries a day and departures will be routed.

There will also be some 72 cars in and out. Many will carry the site’s 30 employees.

The facility will be able to handle up 200,000 tons of waste a year. Some 60,000 are expected to be recycled and the rest processed to become electricity and heat.

Much of the waste will come from factories, hotels, shops and catering outlets.