New waste contract could save Arun £250k

Arun Civic Centre ENGSUS00120130227103532
Arun Civic Centre ENGSUS00120130227103532

A new contract, which covers ‘a full range of waste services’ in Arun, could save the council £250k a year.

However the report, presented to cabinet last night (November 14), stated it will not allow the district to meet the 50 per cent recycling target by 2020 - as set out by the current European Union Revised Waste Framework Directive.

Councillor Bence deemed the report to be ‘almost perfect’.

While councillor Wensley said: “A lot of work has gone into this and it has brought a brilliant result.”

Councillor Bower stated his ‘highlight’ of the contract is that a kerbside collection of electrical items will be delivered as part of an ‘enhanced service’ for Arun residents.

He said: “At the moment these have to be taken to the refuse site which is a difficulty, especially for the elderly.”

The report, presented by officer Oliver Handson, outlines that the contract will last for three years with an ‘optional extension’ of the same length.

Councillors agreed at the meeting to award the contact to ‘Company A’ as, following a tendering process which began April, it was found to be the ‘most economically advantageous’ option.

The ‘approximate annual saving’ of £250k per year is described, in the report, as ‘essential’ to ‘ensure the council can deal with non contractual elements’ listed as fly tipping removal and ‘additional support’ for event cleaning and toilet opening.

The contract encompasses street cleaning, litter collection, beach cleaning, bin emptying, public convenience cleaning and waste collections.

In addition to the collection of electrical items, street washing services for new surfaces - including Bognor Regis High Street and the riverside walk, Littlehampton - is detailed in the new contract specification.

‘Extended seasonal resource to clean foreshores’ and measures to clear missed collections are also included.

The report goes on to detail ‘performance management’ with regular meetings between council and contractor.

The contract is due to commence from February 1, 2017.