New school for Felpham not ruled out

A NEW school for Felpham is still a possibility, the area’s county councillor was told.

But the county council is in favour of extending Downview Primary School to fill the need for more places.

Cllr Graham Jones (UKIP, Felpham) told Felpham Parish Council on Monday he had questioned the county council’s cabinet member for education about the prospect of a new school on land set aside for the building on the site six development.

“He has not completely ruled out a new school, although he is not planning anything at the moment.

“He said the current thinking is to go with the extension of Downview,” said Cllr Jones. He explained he had carried out a consultation with the local schools and they felt that was the best option for the area.

“It would be able to deliver the school places that are required at the moment.

The prospect of expanding Downview on its Wroxham Way site has alarmed residents who fear it would add to the traffic congestion they suffer before and after school.

The county council wants to almost double the school’s size to some 600 pupils to cater for the growing population.