New mayor elected – but should role be extended to two-years?

Bognor mayor Pat Dillon, right, with outgoing mayor Jeanette Warr. Picture by Bognor Town Council
Bognor mayor Pat Dillon, right, with outgoing mayor Jeanette Warr. Picture by Bognor Town Council

Pevensey ward councillor Pat Dillon was elected mayor of Bognor on Monday.

Mr Dillon, who has been deputy mayor for the past year, took over the role from Jeanette Warr, who had completed her third mayoral year.

His deputy will be Liberal Democrat councillor for Orchard ward, Phil Woodall – an active member of the town carnival committee.

“I would like to thank Jeanette for showing me the ropes,” Mr Dillon said.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Nick Stuart-Nicolson, president of Bognor Regis Chamber of Commerce, spoke of his ‘sincere appreciation’ to Mrs Warr for her ‘excellent and inspiring year’ in office.

During public question time at the annual council meeting, Mr Stuart-Nicolson questioned whether the role should be a two-year post, as he felt mayors often ‘get into their stride just as they are about to relinquish their post.’

But councillors were not keen on the idea, with Mr Dillon pointing to his year as deputy mayor allowing him to get used to the role.

Honorary alderman Sylvia Olliver said the year was ‘quite sufficient’, due to the number of engagements attended.


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