New man at Arun’s helm out and about

The new Arun District Council chief executive Nigel Lynn. C111754-3
The new Arun District Council chief executive Nigel Lynn. C111754-3

New council chief executive Nigel Lynn has met the two biggest employers in Bognor Regis to talk about regeneration.

Mr Lynn spoke to senior managers at Butlin’s on Tuesday (November 8) on his second day as the chief executive of Arun District Council.

He had already met leading officials of the University of Chichester to talk about their plans for their Bognor campus.

Both organisations have played major roles in investing tens of millions of pounds into the town.

A meeting with town centre developer St Modwen is to follow for Mr Lynn.

He said such partnerships would stay an essential part of Arun’s work as financing became tighter and land for redevelopment became scarcer.

“I want to work with those who can make a difference to Bognor,” he said, “to create the right quality environment.

“It’s about joining with the university and Butlin’s to create a better quality experience for their customers and our residents.

“My job is to work with those partners to provide the best possible result for the town.”

Mr Lynn arrived at the district council a month ago to shadow long-serving chief executive Ian Sumnall for his final weeks after 19 years in charge.

Mr Sumnall left last Friday to end 26 years at the district council.

Mr Lynn, 53, was chosen as his successor by senior members of Arun in mid-summer.

His annual salary is £95,000 compared to Mr Sumnall’s £114,000.