New information booklet and website to help Sussex residents prepare for emergencies

A NEW community information booklet produced by the Sussex Resilience Forum aims to help local residents and businesses be better prepared for emergencies.

The release of the booklet is supported by the launch of the new Sussex Resilience Forum website at

Information on emergencies such as severe weather, flooding, animal disease, pandemic flu and fuel shortages are all included, alongside other Sussex-specific risks, with advice on the things people can do in their own homes and businesses to prepare for major incidents.

Sussex Police said the booklet and website suggest simple, but easily overlooked, precautions people can take, including putting together an ‘emergency kit’ in case they should need to leave their home suddenly, advice on how and when to switch off the utilities in their home and the importance of tuning into local radio for news updates.

Assistant Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney of Sussex Police, who chairs the Sussex Resilience Forum, said: “Thankfully, major incidents are rare in Sussex. While we can’t predict when emergencies are going to occur, what we can all do is take more responsibility for preparing ourselves for potential situations.

“The aim of producing this booklet is to raise awareness of what the risks are in Sussex and highlight the simple things people can do so they are better prepared to protect themselves, their families, homes and businesses in the event of an emergency.”

The booklet is available at libraries, council offices, schools and other public buildings across Sussex or visit the Sussex Resilience Forum website at