Mystery Santa could bring gifts of Xmas trees

A MYSTERY Santa could keep Middleton supplied with Christmas trees for decades to come.

The anonymous benefactor has offered to give £25,000 to ensure residents can enjoy the sight of the festive symbols well into the future.

The individual’s surprise offer was received by Middleton parish councillors at their latest meeting.

Parish council clerk David Allsopp said: “The offer has come like a bolt out of the blue.

“The scheme is still in its embryonic stages but the councillors would be delighted if it went ahead.

“It will be very nice to have a Christmas tree in the centre of the village.”

The offer was made in a letter from a local solicitor. He stated a client wished to establish a trust with £6,250 now and add a further £18,750 upon his death.

This money was to be used to buy a Christmas tree to be displayed in the village between December 18 and January 1 each year.

Councillors told Mr Allsopp to give their support to the idea in principle. But they were anxious to ensure some of the details were settled.

These included the siting of the tree and the arrangements for the unveiling ceremony.

“This fund will enable a Christmas tree to bought for many years,” said Mr Allsopp.

“But there are a number of issues to be resolved to get the idea up and running.

“Whether that can be done in time for this Christmas or whether it will be 2013 before the first time arrives remains to be seen.

“The council recognises this is a charitable gesture but the devil is in the details.”

n The parish councillors also agreed to release £2,833.34 on improvements to the Larksfield skateboard park on their border with Felpham.

The funding is subject to Felpham Parish Council’s approval of the plan.