Mums on the run conquered challenge


MUMS on the run pulled on their trainers to raise cash for charity and to make their little ones proud.

After ten weeks of challenging training the mums, whose children all attend Felpham’s Bishop Tufnell, all conquered their goal when they ran Cancer Research’s 5k Race for Life and raised more than £1,300 for the cause.

Laura Parsons said: “We are so overwhelmed with the encouragement and support we have received from the families and staff at Bishop Tufnell.

“It was an emotional race and we all battled the heat and crowds and achieved an amazing team effort, crossing the finish line feeling extremely proud and emotional.

“I think we have all proved that anyone can get fit if they want to, it just takes a bit of determination and support.”

Along with Jenny Randolph, Laura started her training for the race in March, but the pair wanted to give others the same buzz from running they had.

“After a long winter and peoples spirits being low and many were guilty of piling on the pounds over the depressingly long season, Jenny and I wanted to get people feeling good again and encourage fitness and well being,” said Laura.

By chance they spoke to the school who were more than happy to get the word out to all mums and let them know there would be a training program for all those who wanted to take part.

Under Jenny’s watchful eye, the group started training, battling the elements, they built-up their fitness levels.

Laura said: “We never gave up. We had injuries and illnesses and during the school holidays we took the kids on the runs with us. We also started a forum were we would all chat to each other and push each other. The encouragement and motivation that went on in this forum was amazing.

“We were there for each other and never let a member drop out or lose motivation. We were a group of mums of all different fitness ability, but the one thing we all have in common is pure determination.”