Mumma Love Organics is hoping to Pitch for Rich

Samantha Quinn with her children
Samantha Quinn with her children

When her daughter was born prematurely, Samantha Quinn had no idea it would end up being the ‘greatest blessing in disguise’.

Over the past ten years, she has retrained, founded Mumma Love Organics – a range of natural skincare products for babies – and won the ‘Oscars’ of the babycare industry.

“The concept behind Mumma Love Organics came as a result of my baby daughter, Ella, being born prematurely,” said the mother-of-three, whose business is based out of her Nyetimber home.

“After a difficult birth, she was transferred to the special baby care unit.

“It was hard not being able to cuddle my child on demand, however this is when I was first introduced to baby massage.

“The nurse caring for Ella showed me ways to gently touch and stroke her to provide a more effective way of comforting her.”

Samantha was amazed as the nurse spoke about the ‘power of touch’, with benefits including reduced stress levels, improved feeding and deeper sleeping.

“When the day came to bring Ella home, I was filled with nerves,” said Samantha.

“She was a very sensitive baby and seemed to suffer from every common ailment newborns encounter.

“This is when I remembered what the nurse had told me about massage and natural baby care.

“Strapping Ella into her sling, I headed off to the local library, researching for hours the positives of natural baby products and care.

“A whole new world became open to me, right from natural tummy massage for colic to organic baby products for eczema – two common ailments my baby suffered from greatly.

“I developed my own natural colic relief massage, soothing away the tummy pains Ella was suffering from and learnt how to blend my own organic baby oils and balms to 
help with her sensitive skin.”

Samantha said she had no idea how many man-made chemicals were in normal baby products until she started making her own.

Using massage and organic baby care in her daily routine, she saw Ella thrive and eventually decided to go back to college to learn more.

“Following Ella’s birth, I developed a real passion for making baby care as natural as possible,” she said.

“I trained in holistic therapies and went on courses to make natural products.

“I developed my own products for Ella’s afflicted skin as well as balms and oils for my other children’s common ailments after they were born.

“After I had my third child, I wanted to share my passion and help educate new mothers about natural child care.

“This led to me writing a book called Comfort, Settle and Sleep.

“After writing the book I realised mums may not always have time or have the confidence to make their own natural products.

“This is when I decided to create a bespoke range of natural baby care products to complement the book.”

It took Samantha around two years to perfect her own range.

“I would blend the oil and balms myself at home, testing them on myself, my children and friends until I came up with a tailored range that provided comfort to a baby while settling them,” she said.

After Ella’s birth, Samantha went on to have two other children – Yasmin and Max.

“I worked around their sleep patterns when developing Mumma Love Organics,” she said.

“Having three children at home when starting a business was tough and I got very tired.

“At times it felt like an emotional roller coaster, but it’s honestly been the most rewarding journey I have taken.

“I can help so many new mothers soothe their baby’s common ailments.

“I am so grateful I have been given the opportunity to do this.”

Samantha officially launched Muuma Love Organics in May last year.

In the year since, she has picked up a host of awards, including a Mother and Baby Gold Award for best baby skincare brand.

“Our products are soon to be stocked in Ocado and we are in talks with John Lewis about an exclusive gift box,” she said.

“I am so blessed that new mothers see my passion. I think they would be amazed Mumma Love Organics operates out my spare room.”

Now, Samantha is hoping to take her business one step further by pitching her ideas to Richard Branson.

She has entered VirginMediaBusiness’ Pitch for Rich competition.

“With the support of my community behind me, I may be able to get through to the next round and pitch my business to Richard Branson,” said Samantha.

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Samantha is also running a competition on the Mumma Love Organics Facebook page:

Anyone who votes and shares the link will be entered into a competition to win a years supply of baby products.

To find out more about the Mumma Love Organics range, visit or call Samantha: 01243 840716 or 07568 085836.