MP Peter Kyle makes a nostalgic trip to Felpham Community College

FCC Labour visit
FCC Labour visit

An MP turned back time when he had the opportunity to pay a visit to his old secondary school.

Peter Kyle, who has been the MP for Hove and Portslade since 2015, returned to his old school, Felpham Community College and met its current crop of students.

Mr Kyle spent his visit talking about his own personal experiences at the school and discussed current students plans and hopes for their futures.

A tour of the school campus was led by headteacher, Mark Anstiss, as he showed Mr Kyle around a number of lessons and outlined the building developments currently taking place to extend the school and update facilities.

Despite all the additions and updates to the building, Mr Kyle said he still experienced a ‘rush of nostalgia’ wherever he went.

Mr Kyle said: “When I was there in the 1980’s it was quite a noisy, boisterous place. But this time it was very different. Students are dressed so much smarter in their immaculate uniforms, and there was a purposeful atmosphere right through the school.

“Best of all was meeting students, I loved listening to their views on the community I grew up in, and answering the many questions they had about my life, career, and about politics.”

Mr Kyle also opened up and shared with the students his struggles that he faced in his younger years.

He added: “I had a mixed time at school, I loved the people but due to undiagnosed acute dyslexia, I left without any usable qualifications and even had to return at the age of 25 to take them again so I could go to university.”

The day proved to be a positive experience not only for Mr Kyle but for all of the students who managed meet and discuss their future with him.

Year 12 student, Harry Triggs, said: “Mr Kyle was an inspirational speaker. He was really down to earth and talked about the difficulties he faced with his progression through education, including his lack of confidence and dyslexia.”

“He was really down to earth and spoke about how important it is not to give up on what you want and to keep going and have faith in yourself.”

For more information on Felpham Community College and its developments the school visit