MP meets Felpham residents in lane


MP Nick Gibb walked in a Felpham road to understand the safety concerns of residents.

Mr Gibb strode out along the side of Limmer Lane 
with some 30 of the homeowners who are worried about the dangers of a route without pavements.

Mr Gibb, the Conservative MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, was also joined by county and parish councillors for his fact-finding mission of more than an hour last Friday.

His visit was part of the Walk With Me campaign being co-ordinated by 
Carol Mills.

Carol and her husband, Robin, have lived in Limmer Lane for 45 years.

They have witnessed the traffic using the road increase in size, volume and speed year after year.

Several traffic calming options are being considered. They include chicanes of planters and rubber cushions made from recycled car tyres.

Carol said: “It is dangerous for all pedestrians who have to walk along Limmer Lane.

“It is even more dangerous for the elderly and for 
parents pushing prams, or trying to keep young 
children safe, when they have to walk in single file.”

The road stretches for nearly a mile and lacks pavements and verges.

Grass banks line most 
of the route.

The only respite for walkers is to seek shelter from the passing traffic on the drives of homes.

There have been numerous bumps and scrapes along 
the road.

Robin said: “There have been countless near misses.

“Ask any of the residents and they will tell you it can only be a matter of time before there is a serious accident.”

Other residents spoke 
at the session of being shouted at by drivers ‘to get of the way’.

Carol hoped the visit by Mr Gibb and the councillors enabled them to experience how dangerous a simple walk along the road is for anyone.

They could also understand why the road’s residents believed traffic calming measures were needed urgently.

By walking the route, they became acutely aware of the difficulties which pedestrians have in making their way along what is still a village lane, which is narrow and has a concealed bend to add to its dangers.