Motorists reported for bad driving

MORE than 44 motorists in Aldwick were reported for anti-social driving last year.

Most of them were sent a warning letter from Sussex Police about their inconsiderate behaviour behind the steering wheel.

None of them became repeat offenders under Operation Crackdown run by Sussex Police and the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

The facts were given at Aldwick Parish Council’s meeting on Monday by Jim Stobart, of Sussex Police.

He said Operation Crackdown received 42,652 reports of bad driving last year. That toll prompted nearly 30,000 letters to be sent to motorists.

“About ten per cent came to our notice again. A very much smaller number come to our attention for a third time,” he said.

A second letter will re-inforce the message of the first. Any motorist reported for a third time faces the risk of a visit from the police and being put on the police computer to prompt patrol officers to keep watch for them on the roads.