More three-bed homes wanted by developer for Felpham site

TWO housebuilders want to increase the number of three-bed homes on a Felpham estate by more than 20 per cent.

Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes intend to build 211 of the family properties on the site six scheme.

This compares to the 178 houses which have already been approved.

But the overall number of properties in the phases which have yet to be built will stay the same at 434.

The increase in three-bed houses will be achieved by reducing five-bed houses by a similar percentage from 58 to 39.

Fewer four-bed houses will also be built.

A statement by the firms’ planning agent Graham Beck, says: “Due to a change in market conditions, Barratt and David Wilson Homes are seeking to provide a mix of units that is more suitable to the current market conditions and credit availability.

“We are seeking to make better use of the land by providing a different mix which better meets the needs of the local community...

“This scheme will provide a distinctive new and sustainable residential community for Felpham.

“The proposal will make a major contribution to future housing provision and residential needs of the community offering increased choices and a broader social mix.”

Two-bed houses, flats and apartments and one -bed flats and apartments are also being built.

The proposed change in the housing types, which needs to be approved by Arun District Council, will not affect the total number of 770 homes on the development.

Work has started building the initial phases of houses. Figures given to Arun’s members in November showed 145 properties had begun to be built.

Of those, 68 were occupied and 36 of those were affordable homes.

The large development was first suggested in 1999 and has survived a planning inquiry and the recession.