More gypsy and traveller sites are needed in Arun

A TOTAL of 18 gypsy and traveller site pitches will need to be found across the Arun district.

The requirement is based on the latest assessment of the need for the locations.

The survey by Opinion Research Services for coastal councils in West Sussex shows Arun District Council should make allowance for 12 pitches up to 2017.

The next four years will see four pitches required and a further four between 2023-27.

The information is being taken into account by the council as it prepares its local plan land-use blueprint.

Karl Roberts, the council’s assistant director for planning and economic regeneration, said: “The report states how many pitches need to be provided rather than where they are going to be located.”

That will be a matter for councillors to decide. The report states the Arun district has one public gypsy and traveller site with 12 pitches and 12 private pitches.

Last July saw 45 caravans present in the district. Of those, 42 were on authorised sites and three unauthorised.

Interviews with the gypsy and traveller households took place last summer.

“There was a high level of satisfaction – 96 per cent - with current sites.”