Model railway fans enjoy Felpham show

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VISITORS could dial a train at a Felpham model railway show.

They were able to control the locomotives on the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association’s Surrey area group layout by using modern technology.

The display married the shunting at the fictitious stockyard of the Rio Florida Logging Company with smartphones.

Alan Rogers said it extended digital cab control technology by using a wi-fi network adapted to run off a phone app.

“With a traditional model railway layout, you control the track,” he said. “Here, you control the train.

“It’s fun watching people wondering how the trains are being run because there is no-one behind the layout.”

The display was among 11 at the Swing exhibition held by the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association’s Southdowns area group at St Mary’s Centre in aid of Bognor Regis-based 4Sight.

Giles Flavell just won both awards voted by visitors and fellow exhibitors for his stand, The Loop.