Mobile home owners added their voices


MOBILE home owners in Shripney added their voice to a parliamentary protest.

Nearly all the 150 members of Poplars Court Residents’ Association were among the 31,440 people who backed a petition to get rid of a ‘property tax’.

The campaign was presented at a meeting held in the House of Commons by MP Annette Brooke on July 2.

It was attended by Bognor Regis and Littlehampton MP Nick Gibb, who told the Poplars Court residents he shares their concerns.

They are angry about a rule which allows all owners of such sites to receive up to ten per cent of the sale price of every property.

Residents’ association vice-chairman Bill Killick, 78, said it was unfair to force them to hand over the slice of their properties’ prices. “We are having to give the site owners ten per cent of our savings or purchasing power for another property,” he said.

“That means the sellers can only afford to move into a smaller property.”

Mr Killick, stressed the association had no quarrels with its site owner, Britannia Parks.

“They had a good relationship and the company carried out its duties.

The situation stemmed from a 1983 piece of legislation which enshrined the maximum ten per cent cut in law. It was previously 15 per cent.

This is on top of the monthly site fee of £166.92 for each plot on Poplars Court, which increases annually according to the Retail Prices Index.

Fellow Poplars Court resident David Oliver, 77, said: “All site owners across the country are getting this money from the sale price and the people who can least afford it are having to shell out.”

A recent sale on the park saw a property fetch £120,000 to mean £12,000 to the site owner. There are 96 properties there. The fee of up to ten per cent survived a change in the law last year which removed the right of the site owners to veto prospective buyers.

If it is not abolished, the petition calls for the levy to be cut to two per cent and is only imposed on the difference between the previous purchase price and the sale price.