Missing Lurcher Elmer found at Fontwell after four-mile journey

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A DOG has been reunited with its owners after more than a week – when it was found running at Fontwell Racecourse.

Elmer, a tan-colour Lurcher, went missing from a campervan on Bury Hill last Tuesday (August 19).

Elmer the lurcher Picture from Jenny Symmons

Elmer the lurcher Picture from Jenny Symmons

Elmer ran on to the road and was knocked by a car and disappeared in to the woods.

An Observer reporter spotted the hound the next day, running on the A29 at the top of Bury Hill.

His owners, who live in Chichester, spent hours on the hill at Whiteways, calling and looking for Elmer. They were desperate for news of their dog, which they adopted from Southern Lurcher Rescue.

But Elmer was determined to make his way home, travelling more than four miles in nine days.

Yesterday, the racing at Fontwell Racecourse was delayed, after Elmer streaked on to the grass.

Jenny Love, from Bognor, was at the races with her family.

“He just came out of nowhere,” she said.

Mrs Love said she had seen the appeal on Facebook for news of the dog.

“He just ran across the course in blind panic. You could see he was hungry and thirsty. They were just about to start but the race was delayed. When I saw him run I just thought hopefully someone will catch it. He came to rest underneath a truck.

“I’m just glad the dog is okay.”

She said Elmer had been spotted in Fontwell the day before.

Elmer is now at home with his owners and recovering from the adventure.

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