Missing dog Brando found safe and well

A missing dog has been found again, thin but unharmed after more than a week on the run.

Brando, a beagle-cross, ran away on Wednesday, May 2, when he was out for a walk.

It is a stray dog from Greece, brought to England by the charity Greek Animal Rescue, and placed in foster care in Chichester while a permanent home was sought.

In last week’s Observer we reported that the hunt for Brando had been hindered by crank calls after searchers receive calls from someone pretending to have found the dog - and then posing as a police officer.

Katia Milani, from the animal rescue charity, said Brando had eventually been found on a farm near Goodwood after numerous helpful phone calls from Observer readers. He was caught in a cage trap with the help of dog wardens from Chichester District Council.

“The trap worked and we found him seating very calmly waiting to be rescued inside of the cage,” she said. “He is thin with a few scratches but very well besides that.

“I will work on his rehabilitation for a few weeks and then look for a permanent home for him. He is a lovely dog that loves his cuddles.”

She praised the newspaper for their help: “Your efforts were essential in finding him. Thank you!”