Minister tells Yapton residents to keep planning

A GOVERNMENT minister has urged Yapton’s residents to carry on planning.

Nick Boles, the under-secretary of state for communities and local government, told MPs on December 17 the volunteers should continue to compile their village’s first neighbourhood plan.

This document will help to decide which areas are developed and which are left as open spaces.

“It is important for people to understand that the weight given to an emerging neighbourhood plan is in no way contingent on the status of the local plan. There is nothing to prevent them from making progress as rapidly as possible.”

Mr Boles was replying to a question from Yapton’s MP, Nick Gibb.

Mr Gibb met two Yapton residents, parish council vice-chairman Andy Faulkner and Deborah Robinson, on the village’s neighbourhood plan project group to discuss their concerns about the blueprint’s value.

Mr Gibb said in the Commons: “They are worried about whether the huge effort and time spent by volunteers, and the expense involved in putting the plan together, will prove worth while.”

Group members queried the weight to be given to the plan when Arun District Council’s local plan, which governs land use, was unfinished.