Middleton mum hopes to reach Xmas No 1 spot

A Christmas song about the love for an absent soldier has been issued by a Middleton entertainer.

A Hero’s Xmas by Kal Elias describes the emotions of families forced to be apart at the festive season.

The song will be ready for pre-download from iTunes next Monday and available to download on December 12.

Kal hopes it will go to the Christmas number one slot and raise money for Help for Heroes with its success.

She has experience of having to spend Christmas away from a loved one. “I was talking to a friend one day about my brother being in the Army for 22 years and knowing the feeling of dread each time he was stationed in a war zone.

“My 18-year-old son will also be joining the Army when he graduates from university.

“I did what I had always done and wrote my feelings down on paper about my multitude of emotions,” she added.

“My friend read it and tears filled his eyes. He challenged me to turn it into a song and this is where the inspiration came to write A Hero’s Xmas.

“Anybody who has a loved one and or has lost a loved one in the forces will understand and embrace the lyrics and take them as their own.”

One of the verses reads:

Each day I pray for your return

When once again we’ll be together

With love to last forever

A time to share with those who care

My Xmas wish is for you.

Kal, 51, of Cootes Lane, has previously written songs for Christmas and the football World Cup.

A single parent of three, she worked as a dancer before she moved backstage. She currently runs a dancing school.