Meeting is sought about Felpham’s road schemes

COUNTY councillor Graham Jones has called for a meeting to discuss the future of traffic calming in Felpham.

Cllr Jones is seeking the talks with Cllr Pieter Montyn, who heads the county council’s highways work, to find out the latest about the subject.

He told Felpham Parish Council’s meeting this month he was catching up with the history of the matter.

“I am also in the process of arranging a meeting with Cllr Montyn in order to establish his view as to the overall objectives of the road mitigation issues related to site six.”

A total of £1m, known as section 106 money from planning regulations, will be available from the developers of the site six housing, to be spent on roads in the area to lessen the impact of the new housing on the network.

Felpham Parish Council wants the funding to be spent on measures such as traffic calming to improve conditions for residents.

But there is pressure from Middleton and Yapton parish councils for much of the cash to be used to improve the notorious Comet Corner crossroads on the A259.

“It is clear to me, having taken part in discussions, that there is confusion on the part of some and that there are conflicts going on as to how the S106 money is to be spent,” said Cllr Jones (UKIP, Felpham). He warned aspirations were high.

Schemes would have to be reduced, or other funding found, for them to go ahead.