Meet the new manager of CancerWise in Chichester

Sophie Nussle, new centre manager at Cancerwise
Sophie Nussle, new centre manager at Cancerwise

FROM the war zones of the world to helping those with a cancer diagnosis, Sophie Nussle has led a busy life.

She was recently introduced as the new centre manager of CancerWise, the support grouping helping those affected by cancer from West Sussex and East Hampshire.

“I fell totally in love with it,” she said of her new role.

She saw the job advertised quite late on, rushing in to apply on the last day.

“I really loved the atmosphere and I could see it was pretty much what I had imagined, which was a community-based organisation,” she said.

She has taken over from previous manager Diane Townson, who retired last month after building the group up over the past few years.

However, Sophie’s role sees her work longer hours and the group is looking to expand and grow its support through counselling, support groups and therapy sessions.

Sophie has worked for the Red Cross, the United Nations and Oxfam, often providing help and counselling in difficult situations.

She said she was excited about taking the centre forward and helping people, adding CancerWise was the perfect organisation for her to work for now.

“Having worked in very large organisations, it was very nice to be in a small community-based organisation. I like working with volunteers. It’s completely different to other types of work interaction.”

She also spoke about the importance of the charity.

“For people who live with cancer or have survived cancer, it may or may not come back. They don’t know but they have to live with that. At that point you’ve got to give them the tools to manage themselves,” she said.


The charity is based in Basin Road, Chichester.