Man who fled Ford Prison is no longer wanted


A MAN who was named as having absconded from Ford Open Prison is no longer wanted.

Sussex Police named Christopher Street, 62, as one of eight fugitives most at risk of re-offending.

However further checks of records identified that after absconding in 2001 he handed himself in and subsequently completed his sentence.

Detective Superintendent Jez Graves said: “In the initial scoping process of prioriting those absconders on whom we would put our initial focus Mr Street was identified as one of those we were seeking. An officer has since identified that he is no longer wanted and he has been removed from the list.”

A dedicated unit has been set up to review absconders from Ford Prison and since November 25 offenders have been arrested

David Blood, 48, absconded on 12 June. He was jailed for life for robbing a post office.

Robert Donovan, 57, left Ford while on day release in 2010. He was jailed for life for murder after he stabbed a man to death.

Steven Evans, 55, absconded in March 2013. He was jailed for life for assault. He attacked a man with a metal bar.

Craig Hayler, 30, absconded on 10 March this year. He was serving 30 months for a burglary in Hove and has a series of convictions for burglary, theft and fraud.

Arben Nuredini, 39, also known as Arben Alizoti, left Ford in 2005. He was jailed for seven years in 2004 for wounding.

Timothy O’Leary, 59, absconded in 1997. O’Leary, who also uses the name Timothy McCarthy, was jailed for life for murder.

Derek Passmore, 49, walked out of Ford in June last year while on day release. He was serving life for murder.