Major report on Pagham Beach set to be published

A major report about how to protect Pagham from flooding is due to be published this month.

The document will set out the work which the Environment Agency believes needs to be carried out to ensure the fragile shoreline can be protected.

Sections of a draft copy of the report were read out by Pagham Parish Council member Ed Blackburn at Tuesday’s meeting.

He said: “Nothing has been ruled in. Nothing has been ruled out.”

The agency will monitor the situation and act urgently when the beach width is down to 15m.

Residents on the Pagham Beach estate have joined together to raise funds to help protect their homes.

The Pagham Flood Defence Trust was started with £1,000 from the parish council and had a £100 donation during Christmas.

Trust chairman Allen Miller said: “I am extremely concerned about what it is happening on the beach.

“It is being washed away.”

He estimated about 7-8m of shingle a year was being eroded in front of his bungalow.

About 40m is left.

Other parts are 25m wide.