Littlehampton Family Fun Day’s future secure, despite town show doubts

Organisers of Littlehampton’s Family Fun Day has reassured readers that it will still be going ahead this year despite doubts over the Town Show’s future.

The Littlehampton Town Show and Family Fun Day are two events that run alongside each other on the same day.

Last year's Littlehampton Town Show. Picture: Kate Shemilt

Last year's Littlehampton Town Show. Picture: Kate Shemilt

This year, they are due to take place at Rosemead Park in East Street, Littlehampton, on Saturday, September 14.

At the annual general meeting of the Town Show Committee on Wednesday, January 16, organisers said the future of the horticultural and craft show section of the event was in doubt unless younger volunteers came forward.

But Littlehampton Town Council, which runs the Family Fun Day section of the event, has confirmed that this will be taking place.

A spokesman for the council said: “The only part of the event that is in jeopardy is the craft and horticultural aspect. The event as a whole will be going ahead regardless.”

The Family Fun Day includes the community marquee, entertainment, food and all other activities not related to the prize givings.

The spokesman continued: “We support the Town Show Committee by providing the marquee and funding towards their insurance and encourage people to come forward to ensure we do not lose this popular aspect of the event.

“However, we also want the community, especially those organisations who rely on the Family Fun Day to raise awareness and funds to be reassured the wider event will be taking place this year and is not in danger of disappearing.”

After the Town Show Committee meeting, town show manager Alan Humphrey said volunteers had come forward to make this year’s event possible – but urged others to join in.