Little Maxwell is helped by all who enjoyed event

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CUPS of tea and cakes proved the perfect recipe for residents and staff at a Fontwell home to help a young boy.

They held a tea party at Westergate House Care Home to improve the life of Maxwell Smith.

The two-year-old, of Storrington, has mitrochondrial disease. This requires him to have his parents, Pete and Emma, or a nurse with him constantly.

The tea party was intended to raise enough money to buy Maxwell a projector. The amount raised, £1,212.37, far exceeded that and delighted everyone.

The projector will enhance Maxwell’s daily life by creating a colourful and stimulating environment when he is at home to boost his imagination.

“It’s amazing what you guys have done to help us look after Maxwell,” said Pete. “You are part of the family now – thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The tea party was supported by the home’s residents, relatives, staff and the local and wider community.

Many businesses donated raffle prizes.

Friend of the family Ann Burch is the head of care at the home. “The afternoon has exceeded all our expectations,” she said. “I’m so grateful for everyone’s support and we can’t wait to deliver the new projector to Maxwell.”

Mitochrondial disease involves a fault in the energy-producing part of every cell which is called a mitochrondia.