Litter louts are ruining our area

Wendy Green, highlights the litter problem.  ''Picture by Louise Adams C140072-2 Bog Jan23 Litter
Wendy Green, highlights the litter problem. ''Picture by Louise Adams C140072-2 Bog Jan23 Litter

A NORTH BERSTED woman has complained about the litterbugs who are spoiling 
the area.

Wendy Green said an education campaign was needed to get the streets and footpaths looking tidy again.

“It seems impossible to 
walk more than a few steps without seeing piles of rubbish,” she said.

“I find it hard to believe people can be so uncaring. I don’t remember seeing all this rubbish before.”

Hotspots for the litter included Rowan Way, the A29 Shripney Road and the footpath which connects Central Avenue and Collyer Avenue.

“The footpath has rubbish all the way down,” said Wendy, 61, of Van Gogh Place. “There’s lager cans, sweet wrappers, chip wrappers and dogs’ mess.”

“Along Rowan Way and Shripney Road, it looks like people just throw rubbish out of their car windows or drop it when they are walking along.

“It’s all about the fast-food culture. It’s laziness and slovenliness on their part.

“We live in a lovely area, 
but this is spoiling it for us 
and also giving our visitors a bad impression when they come in.”

Wendy has lived in the Bognor Regis area for 40 years. She said: “People don’t have to throw all their rubbish away. They should put it in the litter bins there are around or put it in their pockets to take home.

“That’s what my generation was brought up to do. But that message seems to have skipped the generations.”

She called for an anti-litter education campaign to be started among pre-school children.

“We need to show them they should not be littering,” she said. “That way, hopefully, they will grow up without thinking about doing it.”

An Arun District Council spokeswoman said: “The district council collates statistics relating to litter collections for the district as a whole, rather than for individual areas.

“We collect 5,600 tons of litter each year which includes collections from litter and dog bins, street sweeping, foreshore cleansing and 
fly-tipping removal.”