Lifeboat called to distressed person on Bognor pier

The Ray of Hope inshore lifeboat
The Ray of Hope inshore lifeboat

A Littlehampton lifeboat responded to reports of a distressed person on Bognor Pier in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday, November 1).

The Littlehampton RNLI was contacted by police at 2.56am and both lifeboats were prepared for launch, a spokesman said.

However due to the receding tide, it was decided the Atlantic 85 Renée Sherman would not be launched.

The station’s D Class Ray of Hope inshore lifeboat and volunteer crew launched and headed out in fine weather conditions towards the scene.

During the journey, more information was received, advising the crew that the person had been safely taken into police custody, the spokesman said.

The lifeboat was requested to stand down by the UK Coastguard and it returned to the station at 3.38am, where it was refuelled and made ready for service.