Latest homes bid given the go-ahead by planners

MORE houses have been approved for North Bersted.

The 25 dwellings were backed by Arun District Council’s development control committee for land behind existing properties on North Bersted Street.

The decision was made at last Wednesday’s meeting in spite of concerns by one of Bersted’s councillors about traffic conditions.

Cllr Simon McDougall (LD) said: “I really do think this is a recipe for disaster for highways issues. That road is heavily used, particularly in the peak times.” He said the access to the new two, three and four-bed homes should have been achieved through the site six housing next door.

But Cllr Ricky Bower (C, East Preston) said: “The north Bognor Regis relief road will be open later this year and, therefore, the pressure will be taken off North Bersted Street and Rowan Way.

“We have the prospect of relieving that traffic, possibly before this site is built.”

Council planning officer Peter Cleveland said the open space to be developed was part of the site six scheme of 700-plus homes.

“The new properties back on to existing properties on North Bersted Street but there would be a minimum separation distance of 30m.

“Together with the planting along that shared boundary, that would be sufficient to minimise any difficulty or unacceptable overlooking from the new dwellings,” he said.