Kev cycles along coast on a wheel

Kev Robbins
Kev Robbins

ONE wheel was all an Aldwick man needed for a charity ride with a difference.

Kev Robbins spent just over four hours balancing on a unicycle as he travelled between the piers at Southsea and his home town.

He said: “Along the way, there were several unplanned dismounts but no major injuries except to the paintwork of the unicycle.

“It was a really hard challenge with some painful memories but, when we realised we had raised about £2,500, it all became worthwhile.”

Mr Robbins embarked on his unusual cycle ride to help a nephew of his wife, Hils. Phillip Rogers, 40, has spina bifida and hydrocephalus and his NHS wheelchair has become unsuitable.

A Quickie Wheelchair, for which Mr Robbins was raising money, will be fitted for his needs.

It will transform his life and by making him more mobile, independent and comfortable.

Mr Robbins, who works at The Regis School, set off from South Parade Pier at 6.30am on a recent Sunday under a clear sky.

A worsening weather forecast meant he had a few hours to spend in his saddle before the wind would become too strong to allow him to remain upright.

Mrs Robbins worked tirelessly on her bike to ensure the traffic had stopped and the junctions were cleared to allow him to concentrate on unicycling the 26 miles journey in four hours and
ten minutes.

“Family and friends started to greet us as we got to Chichester,” he said.

“By the time we were on Bognor Pier, a small procession of other cyclists of all ages had formed to cheer us home.

“This was most welcome.

“It was brilliant to arrive at the pier with many family members and friends to greet and to see Phil.

“I just wanted to get off the unicycle and stop pedalling.

“But the money we have raised will get Phil his wheelchair and I want to give a massive thank you to all that have supported us in this pier to pier challenge.”

Mr Robbins spent many hours mastering his unicycle with practice rides around his home.

A few falls failed to deter him.