Karen and her family start charity events


GRANDMOTHER Karen Hurst has begun a two-month fundraising mission for the charity which helped her family.

Karen and her friends and relatives have started a series of activities to bring in as much as £10,000 for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust.

The charity was there to help when one of her four-year-old grandsons, Taylor Freyer, from Bognor Regis, died last July after a series of treatments and operations for a brain tumour were unsuccessful.

Karen, 50, of London Road, wants to thank the charity by enabling it to help other children and families in the same situation.

“If the Sussex Snowdrop Trust had not been there, Taylor would not have been able to pass away at home,” she said.

“He had been in and out of hospital so much in his last three years he hated them.

“He would have hated to go into a hospital environment to pass away. At least at home, everybody was there with him and he was in his own bed.

“It’s so important other families have the chance for that as well.”

The fundraising began earlier this month with a sponsored waxing session at The QEII pub in Bognor thanks to its operator, Jez Burton.

Six men had their chests or legs waxed by Karen and Elysia Hope from Kysmi in West Street.

Their painful experience was followed by a money-raising karoake session to bring in £1,531.64 in all.

The next bank holiday weekend will see Karen and her supporters at a fundraising stall in the London Road precinct.

Next will come a skydive in July by six supporters, including former shopworker Karen, on the first anniversary of Taylor’s death.

A stall at the Drive Through Time motor gala in West Park in early August will bring in more backing before a party at the Aldwick branch of the Royal British Legion on July 25 ends the campaign.

“The amount we raised on the first event was absolutely brilliant,” said Karen. “We only advertised it for three weeks.

“That makes me hope we can get a total of £10,000.”

Sussex Snowdrop Trust chairman and co-founder Diane Levantine has added her support to the fundraising by Karen and her family.

“Karen came to us with this idea and we totally support her, as she endeavours to make the community aware of Snowdrop and the help we give with our nurses and all the team, and also raising funds for us.

“As she says, although her beautiful Taylor has gone, other children will always need the help and support that she and her family received,” she said.