Kai gets a-head to support Gerrard in the World Cup

ENGLAND fan Kai Ward wanted to prove he was a Steven Gerrard nut. So he had the Three Lions hero shaved into his head.

Taxi driver Kai, 44, from Bognor Regis, was keen to show Roy Hodgson’s boys the nation was still behind the team after their 2-1 defeat in their opening World Cup match.

He asked stylist Daren Terry to create the cut in honour of the England skipper and Liverpool star ahead of today’s game against Uruguay.

“Gerrard and the lads deserved a draw at least against Italy,” said Kai. “So, I had Stevie G on the back of my head to show confidence that we can win our next match against the Urguayans.

“I’ve had some funny looks from people but it is worth it if it can give the team a good luck charm.”

Daren, who owns Lotus Styling on Aldwick Road, has created many similar cuts of England stars such as Wayne Rooney and David Beckham.

He said: “I think Gerrard is one of my favourite creations. He is a big hero of mine. So, when Kai asked me to come up with the cut it was an honour.

“It took me almost four hours to do but it was worth it.”