John still works after lottery win

EUROMILLIONS winner John Kingsman will still be getting up in his Aldwick flat at 4am to go to work.

John has no intention of breaking the habit of his 77-year lifetime just because he has won £154,144.50 in the draw.

He intends to keep up his job making tea and taking phone orders at a fruit and vegetable wholesale firm.

John said: “I was numb when I found out how much I’d won. It’s enough to make me comfortable.

“I’ve been doing the National Lottery since day one. The most I had won before was £144.

“If I didn’t go into work, no-one else would make the tea. I would be bored if I was just in my flat every day, though now that I’ve won this money I hope to spend more time back on the golf course.”

A skilled golfer, he used to play off a handicap of ten at Hunston before an enlarged spleen last year caused a bout of ill health.

John, who lives alone, has no immediate family. He intends to spend some of his new fortune by treating his many close friends to some fine living.

A new car is also a possibility but he is reluctant to give up the Ford Fiesta he only bought in May. He sought financial advice about his win on Tuesday.

John is from Acton, in London, and moved to Bognor with his mum after his dad passed away in 1979.

He became well known around the town delivering fruit and veg for Wholesales and Catering Supplies, in Chichester, before a hernia stopped him doing that 14 years ago.

He spent £10 on his winning ticket at Sainsbury’s, in Shripney Road, but didn’t realise he was a winner until two days after the draw.

“I usually watch all lottery draws live,” he said, “but the football meant the EuroMillions draw was on a bit late for me and I like to get up early.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw I had the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Star numbers and I was shaking from head to toe. I had to get my neighbour to check it for me to make sure I’d got it right.”