It’s time to show off your best Christmas lights

These lights in Exton Road, Chichester, shine brightly - how about yours?
These lights in Exton Road, Chichester, shine brightly - how about yours?

FESTIVE lights will be filling the streets across the Observer area – and we are looking for the best!

Every year hundreds of residents decorate their homes with festive lights and decorations to either raise money for charity, feel festive or entertain their neighbours.

And this year the Observer is looking to ‘lit-up’ its websites with videos of the modern phenomenon to get everyone into the festive spirit.

“The countdown to Christmas is on – and seeing all of those lights on houses really get children – big and small – excited about Christmas,” Observer editor Colin Channon said.

Readers can send a short video clip of their own house lit up – or a clip of another home they find inspiring.

They will then be featured on the Observer’s websites and seen by thousands.

“We have all done it when we have walked or driven down a road, spotted the lights and thought they were amazing,” Mr Channon said.

“Well now is your chance to share that with the world.

“Christmas is such a joyous and inspirational time of the year and seeing those dazzling lights are just part 
of that.

“I know many parents go out of their way to find homes which are lit up and take their children to see them.

“So many of our readers do much a marvellous job of lighting up their homes so we want to see as many homes as possible from around our area.”

To take part in Your Christmas Lights send your video clips to