It’s ready, set, Rio! for Aldwick couple

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Olympic fever is due to hit and Aldwick couple Jenny and Colin Hicklin will have an extra special seat.

The duo will be flying out on August 1 to volunteer, something Mrs Hicklin, 72, is making a habit of after being a London 2012 Games Maker.

She said: “I went to Sochi for the winter games as well. It was amazing. I thought in my mind then I would like to go to Rio but I daren’t mention it to Colin, my husband, and then he brought it up.”

Luckily Mr Hicklin, 71, admitted he saw it as ‘a lovely opportunity to go to Rio’.

The couple will both be working on the sailing events, and Mrs Hicklin was clearly looking forward to sharing the experience.

She said: “It will be more fun, we will be able to talk about it whereas Colin has always been the listener.”

While Mr Hicklin was speculating what part he may get to play while volunteering.

He said: “I have to take my qualifications with me, I have a lot, so I have a feeling I might be not just staff on the boat but maybe a skipper.”

However he wasn’t as excited by the prospect of sharing a flight with several of the Games Maker Choir – of which Mrs Hicklin is a member. He jested: “If they start singing I am going to lock myself in the loo.”

Mrs Hicklin said: “Chis Hoy is flying out the next day so that’s a lucky escape for him.”