It’s full steam ahead for neighbourhood planners

HARD workers planning for the future of Bognor Regis are moving onto their second stage.

Members of the town’s neighbourhood plan steering group are still busy putting together the document which will help shape the area’s future and are ready to take the next steps.

Phase two of the work is to carry out as many placechecks as possible.

A placecheck is a simple but effective way of getting communities to identify what they like and don’t like about where they live.

What they would like to keep and preserve and the sort of development, if any, should be considered.

It is a real chance for local people to have a go at improving their town, and the group would love as many people as possible to have a go.

The placechecks can be completed individually or can be done as a group.

There is no right or wrong way of doing it and it can contain as much or as little information as you like and is completely anonymous.

All this information will then be incorporated into the neighbourhood plan.

This next raft of work follows a successful three day workshop run with the Princes Foundation, plus various other events which have taken place.

This is a chance for the people of Bognor Regis to have a say in the way their town will be shaped in the future and to preserve the towns much valued heritage.

The plan will have a direct bearing and influence on future developments and improvements around the town.

Placecheck forms can be obtained from Bognor Regis Town Hall, in Clarence Road or by emailing and there is no limit to how many forms you can complete.