International tea party a big success at Felpham Community Colleg

Students have fun at the international tea party
Students have fun at the international tea party

An international tea party was hosted by Year Seven students at Felpham Community College, supported by their Year 10 peer mentors.

It was held on Thursday, October 19 to celebrate the great diversity within the school.

Each Year Seven form group voted for two countries to represent their identity as a form. The tea party was an opportunity to present their findings and bring food inspired from their countries for their peers and visitors to enjoy.

Parents, staff and Year Six teachers from Felpham Community College’s feeder schools were invited to take part in the afternoon of activities.

Matthieu Cauchy-Duval, curriculum leader for Modern Languages, said: “The students have learned a lot about the different countries they chose. The objective of the event was to celebrate the diversity we have here at FCC and this has been very successful! Our Year 10 peer supporters have been amazing at leading the research during form time and helping out during the event.”

William Lovell, a Year Seven student, said: “We chose what countries we wanted to research based on what countries students in our form were associated with. Our form voted for Bangladesh and Italy. Eating all the food was great, one of our teachers brought in dried maggots from china and they were really gross. I wasn’t brave enough to eat them but some kids did!”