Interactive workshop highlights drinking dangers to students

The 'Smashed Project' performers and some students SUS-180404-095433001
The 'Smashed Project' performers and some students SUS-180404-095433001

Year Seven and Eight students at Felpham Community college took part in an interactive workshop run by Collingwood Learning.

On March 21, the students experienced the ‘Smashed Project’, an educational theatre initiative aimed at highlighting the dangers of under-age drinking and reducing alcohol related harm to young people around the world. They work with governments and the alcohol beverage industry to promote the dangers and risks associated with under-age drinking.

Miss Tetra, citizenship co-ordinator, said: “We run a number of workshops for students to educate them on life issues and growing up in a modern day world, and the decisions they will have to make as young adults. Students watched a theatrical performance and then took part in a question and answer session, looking at making the right choices and the consequences of not. The students worked well and came up with some sensible suggestions, well done.”

Isobel Dove, a Year Eight student, said: “The workshop was really good as the presentation was very ‘real’, you could relate to it and see how something similar could happen to any of us. The people leading the workshop were really enthusiastic and made you want to see what was going to happen next and how different decisions lead to different consequences. It was thought provoking, I came away thinking I had definitely don’t want to drink too much alcohol anytime soon!”