Inspirational Bognor volunteer is awarded

Tara receiving her award from Diabetes UK
Tara receiving her award from Diabetes UK

A Bognor volunteer who shares her experiences to help those affected by diabetes has won an award for her dedication from the leading charity Diabetes UK.

Tara Lawrence, 24, is a primary school teacher from Bognor Regis who received the award on Thursday, June 7, in recognition for all of her hard work supporting those affected with diabetes.

In 2010 Tara herself was diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes called Maturity Onset Diabetes of the young (MODY), when she was only 16 years of age.

MODY is a very rare genetic form of diabetes which is different to both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Tara is also a very dedicated supporter of Diabetes UK and she regularly volunteers at a variety of their Type 1 diabetes events.

The events that Tara helps out at are for children, teenagers, adults and families who have been affected by diabetes.

The events give sufferers the opportunity to meet new people, share their own experiences and learn different coping strategies from one and other.

All of the events that Diabetes UK organised could not happen without the team of volunteers and the type of people who volunteer range from health care professionals to those like Tara who live with the condition.

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