Information is key to flood fight

Aldingbourne rife pumping station visit
Aldingbourne rife pumping station visit

A FELPHAM flood group has enjoyed an informative visit.

The West Felpham Flood Action Assembly (WFFAA) has visited the Aldingbourne Rife pumping station.

Chairman Jane Smeaton said the invitation was made through partnership working with the Environment Agency.

“It is important for WFFAA to understand how water is managed in the area covered by the group, and for WFFAA to know what constitutes normal running as only then will we be able to identify any potential problems that may arise and be able to prepare for them.

“The Aldingbourne Rife was not implicated in the June 2012 flooding but it is a significant body of water so WFFAA needs to understand its management.”

The visit included representatives from Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council.

“The Environment Agency were great hosts who explained the workings to us in some detail and this was fascinating as well as educational,” said Mrs Smeaton.

Anyone who would be interested in joining a future visit should contact WFFAA either at or 07790 639470.