Hundreds to be spent on plaque for Bognor sculpture

Hundreds of pounds are to be spent on a plaque for the Bognor Regis sun sculpture.

Town councillors have agreed to pay up to £300 for an information panel to be fixed to the artwork.

But they have decided against spending £2,000 on repairs to the structure at the junction of the London Road precinct and the High Street.

The decision to spend any money at all on it attracted criticism at the town council’s meeting on Monday, November 14.

Cllr Paul Wells said: “I think the sculpture’s a piece of junk. I’ve had so many comments about it over the years both in my shop and from residents who speak to me. I appreciate the need to put something up there to try to explain what it is. But I would rather spend money pulling it down – not repairing it.

“I know some people love art and others hate it. But time after time people seem to be running Bognor down and yet they seem reluctant to put something of quality in it.

“That sculpture’s not quality - it’s junk.”

But Cllr Roger Nash said: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The sculpture is like Marmite. You either love it or you hate it.

“I agree with the decision not to spend £2,000 on a major upgrade but £250 (plus VAT) on a plaque is worth the investment to tell people what it’s about. I know the sculpture’s not perfect but it is a talking point and I would prefer to see it rather than a hole in the ground.”

The 7m high sculpture was unveiled by its creator, Pete Codling, in March 2008. His design with its 1.5m wide sphere reflects Bognor’s sunshine record. It was funded with Arts Council money to boost the town’s regeneration.