Hundreds of residents turn out for regeneration exhibitions

SOME 200 people were thought to have attended the regeneration exhibitions in Bognor Regis.

The display arrived in the town last Thursday at the Bognor Regis Methodist Church, last Thursday followed by a morning session at the Regis Centre last Saturday.

Those who went along to the church hall included Jenny Cordwell, 73, of Hawthorn Road. She said: “I’m perfectly happy with the existing cinema. That seems to serve its purpose very well.

“The seafront is not exciting. We have to make sure there are better facilities.

“The lido idea is quite impressive but it’s important to make provision for public toilets. You can’t expect shops and cafes to allow sand-covered young children to use their toilets.”

Also attending the event were Royal Norfolk Mews neighbours Chris Wiltshire and Elsa Hackett-Jones.

Chris, 61, said: “My main concern is preserving the Picturedrome. We don’t want a multiplex. We don’t need it in the town. The Picturedrome is lovely.

“We do need better access to the beach. I grew up in Felpham and there were some steps down to the beach and sand. But people with pushchairs and wheelchairs can’t get on to our beach now.”

Elsa, 70, said: “I would like to celebrate the sea in an ecological way. The seaside is such a special place. To enjoy a coastline is a rare treat.

“Bognor has such great potential. I’ve been here two years and I absolutely love it. It’s fantastic. We need some interesting shops and cafes as well as something that celebrates the sea.”

The church hall exhibition is believed to have been visited by 85-95 people. The event at the Regis Centre was the busiest to date with some 110-120 unofficially logged as attending.

A further 50 or so went along to Monday’s event at Felpham Memorial Village Hall.

All those who have attended are said to be well aware of all the regeneration issues.