Housing sites earmarked as Pagham’s plan goes on show

SITES for up to 160 homes have been included in 
the first Pagham’s neighbourhood plan.

The three locations for housing will be among the aspects of the document on display at two open days.

These will give the public the chance to have their say about the area’s future for the next 15 years.

The public sessions will take place from 10am-4pm on March 22 and April 5 at Pagham Village Hall.

Sure to be the main 
talking point will be the proposed allocation of undeveloped land for housing.

One site at Summer Lane is proposed for up to 90 two, three and four-bed houses and bungalows and adjoining land south of Inglenook Hotel on Pagham Road for a maximum of one to four-bed bungalows and flats.

There is also provision for up to 35 two to four-bed houses and bungalows on land at Osborne Refrigeration on Sefter Road.

The plan stretches to 48 A4-sized paper and has been devised by a working group of councillors and residents before being approved by the parish council.

A statement by Michael Hendry, who has just become the chairman of the Pagham neighbourhood plan steering group, said it had been difficult to find enough room for the housing which Pagham had to take under national housing targets.

“Pagham has little land available for development within the current built-up area boundary.

“So, in order to meet the demands of increased housing, the built-up area boundary is proposed to be extended sufficiently to meet the requirements of extra housing – but no more than that,” he wrote.

“It is obvious that, whatever approach we propose, we will not please everyone. However, we believe our approach provides the most benefit to the village with little impact on the visual landscape.”

The proposed plan also sets out open spaces which will be protected. They include the cricket and football grounds, The Green and the duck pond.

Any attempt to change the use of local shops will be resisted under the plan as well as sites of employment.

Tourism will also be encouraged, along with the need to maintain farmland.

Cllr Balch said the plan had been restrained because of the protections which benefited Pagham Harbour and its local nature reserve and the need to ensure future development was protected against flooding from the sea and harbour.

The plan is open for consultation until April 10. It has to be independently examined before a parish poll.