House-builders given message

DEVELOPERS of hundreds of homes in North Bersted have been told to sort out the area’s problems.

A meeting with the housebuilders and councils was held last Friday.

Bersted Parish Council chairman Brian Knight 
used the occasion to pass 
on the concerns raised by those who have 
moved into Bersted Park and Willows Edge.

Cllr Knight told last 
week’s parish council meeting: “There is nothing definite 
as to who has responsibilities 
for all of these issues.

“We have got an infrastructure meeting with the developers. That’s where we have got to place this matter.

“They have to give us
 answers to it.

“The whole place is so badly designed it’s unbelievable.”

He was among the parish council members who attended 
a residents’ surgery held 
by parish councillors Peter Allsopp and David Lainchbury 
on January 8 on Bersted Park.

A report of the meeting 
showed the biggest 
complaints of the 70-80 
people who attended were 
about litter and parking.

Cllr Allsopp said: “Sooner 
or later there is going 
to be a serious accident 
there and somebody is going to 
get hurt.”

Cllr Lainchbury said a 
young female motorcyclist was knocked off her two-wheeler 
the previous weekend but 
escaped injury.

The estate’s roads lacked room for the three cars many households owned.

“There is going to be a lot 
more of that.

“As long as nothing is done, there is going to be a risk to people’s safety.

“Parking was the biggest complaint at the meeting.

“There are no speed limit 
signs, no double yellow 
lines and no give way markings,” he said.

But Cllr Lainchbury said residents also complained 
about the lack of litter bins.

“There was a very large complaint about litter.

“I spend a lot of time 
walking around the estate and there is an increasing amount of alcohol tins in the brambles anywhere and everywhere,” 
he said.

Residents wanted to see 
some of the £37,000 set aside for sculptures spent on litter bins, 
he said.

The meeting was the second 
of its kind to be held in the past six months.

Anthony McPhillips, the land and planning director at Berkeley Homes, was the only representative of a developer present.

He told the meeting 
the company could be 
at the site of some 750 homes 
until 2020.

Work on the latest phase of houses should start at the end of this month.

Berkeley Homes intended 
to hand over the large 
pond, village green and 
sports pitches on the 
development to Arun District Council in the next 
six months.

He was praised by 
Cllr Lainchbury at the 
parish council meeting 
for acting quickly on 
some of the points raised 
by residents.