High hopes for town to retain clown crown

EFFORTS to make sure Bognor Regis keeps its clown town crown are
being made.

At their full council meeting on Monday members of Bognor Regis Town Council praised the clowns’ parade, which saw some 100 funnyfolk amble through the town.

Deputy town mayor Paul Wells, who donned a red nose and took part in the parade, said: “It really was a delight to take part in the clowns’ parade and support them.

“We have got to find some way to keep the clowns coming back to the town, even if their return is at a smaller event. I know the clowns are keen to return and they would do anything to keep coming back to Bognor.”

Fellow member Jim Brooks, whose dad is legendary Middleton clown Hal Brooks, better known as Kerby Drill, agreed. “The clowns need to return to the town. Having the brilliant clown shows at the Regis Centre this year showed just what great entertainers they really are.

“A lot of people come into the town to see the clowns and perhaps if they were not in Butlin’s, they would be able to do more in the town over the weekend,” he said.

One possible suggestion was seeing if local hotels and B&Bs would be willing to put the clowns up.

The event, which took place from March 1–3, was the last in a series from 2006.

Butlin’s, which hosted the Circus Circus weekend, has decided to axe the event.

Their involvement, with the town council’s help, was crucial to getting the harlequins of humour back after the original convention ended in 1994.