Helpers at youth project are defiant about future

DEFIANT volunteers have pledged to keep a Bognor Regis youth project open.

The management committee members at the Number 18 Project are sure the service can survive even with West Sussex County Council’s decision to focus its services on the 39 Youth Club.

Jan Cosgrove, the acting chairman of the Number 18 project, said: “We are an experienced group of people. We are very confident the project has a bright future.

“We have got a lot of things going for us and we are going to be looking at alternative sources of funding.”

His confidence stemmed from the fact the project’s Waterloo Square premises were leased for £1,000 a year from Arun District Council.

The counselling services were run by the project and the sexual health clinic was organised by the NHS.

That left the Information Shop which was the county council’s responsibility.

“We will be talking to the county council to find out how they can recognise the need for the shop in a location which is easily accessible,” he said.

Mr Cosgrove said he was unhappy about aspects of the way the council’s meeting last month made its decision about the project. He offered to work with those involved with the 39 Youth Club, off Glamis Street, to find the best solution for both schemes. The council wants to use the 39 Club as its hub for youth services in central Bognor rather than split its services.