Help to create the future of Felpham

Residents of Felpham have been urged to become involved in shaping the area’s future.

A neighbourhood plan is being compiled to set out where development will go around the village and what it could look like.

The creation of the plan is being led by Felpham Parish Council but the community has to be involved as well.

Glen Powell, a parish councillor and the chairman of the neighbourhood plan committee, said: “The neighbourhood plan process is an important opportunity for the people of Felpham.

“The plans we agree will shape the way planning decisions are made in the future on topics such as education, business, leisure and housing.

“We need local residents to get involved to ensure that the plan represents the issues that are important to local people.

“We are not looking for a long-term commitment, just a few hours over the coming weeks.”

Volunteers, or anyone who would like to know more, should email or phone 01243 827470.

More information can also be found on the parish council’s website.

Neighbourhood plans are an important part of the government’s new approach to planning.

They allow people to have a say about what can happen in their communities but they are subject to strict criteria.